Introducing Bison 300 OC

Drawing on our long history of creating biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-toxic products that are safe, versatile and highly effective, we are proud to introduce Bison 300 OC (odor control).

Bison 300 OC is the optimal combination of nitrate technology, surfactants and d-limonene that neutralizes the odor associated with hydrogen sulfide while simultaneously acting as a cleaner and degreaser to help prevent corrosion and extend the life of sewer pipes, equipment and machinery.

Two of the biggest, and most common, problems associated with sewage collection sites are odor and corrosion. Both stem from the same source—hydrogen sulfide, that rotten egg smell that is all-too-familiar and none-too-pleasant.

The appearance of hydrogen sulfide in sewer systems typically occurs in warm climates with systems that have a flatter grade or lower velocity flow-through. In such situations, there is an absence of oxygen gas, creating septic conditions whereby the bacteria that are present break down the organic material using anaerobic digestion. Hydrogen sulfide gas releases and forms a slime layer that coats the sewer pipes. Left untreated for any period of time, the gas and slime begin their corrosive effects.

These corrosive effects are costly in several ways. In its most recent Infrastructure Report Card, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gave the U.S. a "D" grade for its wastewater systems. The report cites an estimated $298 billion needed over the next 20 years to repair the broken wastewater infrastructure, with approximately 75% of that cost going for pipes alone. This is an enormous investment for a decidedly unsexy, yet necessary municipal asset that requires proper care and maintenance.

Solutions to controlling the odor come in two main forms: vapor-phase and liquid-phase technologies. Vapor-phase focuses on treating the odorous air as it ventilates through specific exit points. Liquid-phase treats the wastewater itself through the addition of chemicals. Because the chemicals are applied directly to the wastewater and prevent the hydrogen sulfide from escaping the liquid into the vapor, liquid-phase technologies can do a better job at preventing corrosion.

Most options are able to control the odor for a brief period of time, often requiring even greater efforts—and expense—as time goes on, because they really only deal with the immediate cause of the problem, not the deeper cleaning that is necessary for protecting these systems.

Bison 300 OC is the perfect answer to hydrogen sulfide nuisance. Use it to conduct regular cleaning and maintenance for removing the rotten egg odor and keeping your sewer systems operating at a high level.