Protecting Your Restaurant

From the moment customers reach the parking lot, they are judging your restaurant. That judgment gets more intense once they walk through the doors. Everything matters—the friendliness of your staff, your menu, the ambiance, the quality of your food and, of course, how clean everything is...or isn't.

This last one, the cleanliness of what might be the largest investment you make, should not come as any surprise. Whether you are a small neighborhood coffee shop, a corner deli or a downtown fine-dining establishment, the thoroughness of your cleaning matters. The best chefs, best marketing, best concepts can only go so far.

If the dirty dishes are left too long at a table, if the bathrooms are not spotless, if ceiling fans and light fixtures are covered with dust...if there is not enough care put into keeping everything customers will see perfectly clean, there is no telling what is going on in the kitchen.

Is that why it says, "Employees only beyond this point"?

The kitchen is the heart of the restaurant. It is what keeps the business alive. And it must be immaculate. Food prep stations, refrigerators, freezers, walk-ins, stovetops, ovens, vent hoods, floors, grease traps—everything. Choosing the right cleaning product makes a world of difference. That is why we created Green Bison LO (Low Odor). This Green Seal Certified product is specially formulated with a complex blend of surfactants to handle even the most challenging kitchens without leaving a scent behind. Because we know that your customers came for the food, not the chemicals.

Your restaurant is your life. You put everything you have into making it successful. Let Green Bison LO help keep it clean.