Safe-Tee products are used across industries in a wide variety of applications.

We are underground degreasing sewers; we are on the factory floor cleaning gummed-up machinery; we are in fields and on roads breaking down oil spills; we are in laboratories and dialysis centers cleaning specialized glassware. We are used in all of these places because our products are exceptionally effective, safer to use, and, above all, affordable.

The Big Problem: FOG

Fat, oil and grease (FOG) can wreak havoc on sewer lines, lift stations, machinery, equipment, vehicles, etc., causing them to:

  • Stop operating correctly
  • Become more difficult to maintain and repair
  • Create hazardous working conditions

And these deposits can accelerate and conceal corrosion. Learn more.

The Safe-Tee Solution

Safe-Tee’s products use a unique blend of biodegradable, plant-based, naturally sourced ingredients that are ideal for cleaning and degreasing even the toughest industrial grime.

  • Wastewater treatment facilities
  • Sewer lines
  • Lift stations
  • Oil spills and soil remediation
  • Grease and dirt on heavy machinery
  • Tar and asphalt removal
  • Tree debarking machinery
  • Injection moulds

We also have products for:

  • Specialized scientific glassware cleaning and degreasing
  • Hydraulic shoring (summer and all-weather grade)
  • Boosting commercial laundry cleaners
  • Carpet cleaning

The unique blend of biodegradable, plant-based, naturally sourced ingredients, found in products such as Green Bison and Bison 300, form a colloidal system of microscopic cleaning particles called micelles that immediately penetrate, disrupt and encapsulate FOG deposits, making them smaller and water-soluble, allowing them to be easily and effectively rinsed away from surfaces. As additional benefits:

  • The smaller FOG particles have a larger surface area, providing optimum conditions for biodegradation via bacteria resident in oil, soil or sewage.
  • The airborne spray of Green Bison or Bison 300 captures and neutralizes harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making the cleaning process safer for the environment and workers.

For applications like oil and fuel spill cleanup, soil remediation and wastewater treatment, the fact that Green Bison and Bison 300 are biodegradable is an important bonus: the products don’t interfere with the biological processes occurring in a treatment plant or with bio-enzymatic cleaners that also may be in use.